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the early phases on the India–Asia continental collision will also be lacking. The western Tarim Basin in the northeastern margin from the Pamir offers a perfect opportunity to analyze their development and evolution.

zone Using the interpretation of seismic profile, though while in the Tiklik thrust zone, with out data to 354

U-Pb and Hf isotopic through the east segment of Tiekelike tectonic belt: constrains around the timing 682

would not enable the Pt strata to become carried in the hanging wall in the Tiklik fault, requiring An additional 407

Surface uplift, river incision, shear zone exhumation, and displacement alongside Lively faults have all interacted to shape the modern landscape while in the southeastern margin of your Tibetan Plateau. The Ailao Shan-Red River fault, A significant construction from the tectonic evolution of southeastern Asia, is a wonderful recorder of these processes. We present new stratigraphic, structural, and minimal-temperature ... [Demonstrate comprehensive summary] thermochronologic data to investigate its late Cenozoic tectonic and geomorphic evolution. The stratigraphic and structural observations indicate that the main bend while in the fault was a releasing bend with major Miocene sedimentation during the early-middle Miocene, but became a restraining bend with abundant shortening structures created following the late Miocene reversal of displacement.

Hotan fault generated together the higher fault-flat (detachment layer along lowermost Pz1 strata) of 418

La plateforme permet de mettre en relation les familles avec les professionnels du domaine en proposant un annuaire complet des établissements classés par localisation et par capacité d’accueil.

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Paleogene detachment layer and soak up considerable part of shortening inside the section (Liang et 72

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in between the fairly stable Tarim Basin within the north and also the intensely deformed western Tibetan 51

into the south as well as the Hotan zone during the foreland towards the north. Within just these, the Hotan thrust zone is 26

suggest that the structural part crosses two significant thrust zones: the Tiklik zone from the hinterland 25

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